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Teenage Girl Lying On Her Bed With A Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy – A Gift and Great Responsibility

Giving birth should not be considered as ultimate fear but rather an ultimate achievement of a woman. Pregnancy is the period on which an offspring or maybe two or more grow in the uterus of a woman. Pregnancy maybe the result of sexual contact or in our time now can be aided by technology like artificial insemination. When one is in the stage of pregnancy, the woman should be ready physically, mentally, emotionally and also financially. The following will helps a pregnant woman on how to deal responsibly with their pregnancy.

Being physically fit is very important to a pregnant woman because this greatly affects childbirth and the condition of the baby. Eating nutritious foods and getting rid of harmful elements like second-hand smoke is something to be given utmost importance. Some ailments or sicknesses can be trigger during pregnancy. In cases like these, one should immediately consult an OB gynecologist on the right thing to do. A healthy mom will also mean a healthy baby.

When it comes to mental condition, a pregnant woman should be free from stress and too much thinking. Different problems whether in the workplace or in the household that causes depression should be minimized if not completely eradicated. Peace of mind affects the development of the baby inside the uterus. An always troublesome state of mind affects an individual physically and also emotionally. That’s why while pregnant it is strictly advised to get away from negative things and focus on the brighter side of everything.

Next, is being emotionally fit. A woman who is in a pregnancy period can sometimes experience mood swings and emotional unstableness. In times like this, the support of loved ones and friends are very important. Having them on your side means that there are always to rely on and release your tensions, fears and other problems too. A pregnant woman should always be happy so that the development of the baby will run smoothly and no pregnancy-related issues will be encountered along the way.

And of course, a couple who decides to get pregnant or even if you are a single mom should be financially ready. During pregnancy, a woman could not just eat anything she used to eat before without thinking of her baby. Regular checkup with the obstetrician should be conducted, and this always means that you have to pay for their professional fee. Being financially stable is very important also when childbirth comes, and you will start to raise the baby in the outside world.

The parent should make sure that all the necessary vitamins are given to the baby to ensure that he/she will grow healthy. So if you know in yourself that you are not ready in this aspect, you should not think of being pregnant.

To sum it up, pregnancy is very important and should not be taken for granted especially in the cases of unwanted pregnancy. Responsible motherhood or parenthood plays a vital role in the development of each baby. We should remember that life already exists that requires care, attention and love.

If you want a summary of what a healthy pregnant woman should be, here’s a list:

  • Seek your midwife or doctor as soon as you can – this is when you find out that you are pregnant. Make an appointment with your midwife or GP as they will organize a perfect care plan for you to get one amazing healthy pregnancy.
  • Eat well – unlike the average person’s balanced diet, a pregnant woman’s needs are different when it comes to balanced diet. Your meals must contain a variety of the following:
    • Starchy foods such as rice, pasta, and bread. These are carbohydrates, and it must make up a third of what you eat. Go for whole grains instead of white, so that your body gets plenty of fiber.
    • At least five portions of veggies and fruits each day. They can either be fresh, canned, dried or frozen.
    • Dairy foods such as yogurt, cheese, and milk
    • Daily servings of food rich in protein such as eggs, beans, lean meat, pulses, nuts or fish.
  • Careful with food hygiene – pregnant women should be extra wary with food hygiene as well. This means that utensils must be washed thoroughly, including your hands whenever handling meat. Store the raw foods separately from the ready-to-eat ones.

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