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How To Deal With Freckles

Do you have freckles? Do you think freckles are a hindrance for you to be popular in school? Do you think freckles are problems? Or you are just a kid who does think that freckles are a disaster? Then this article is best for you to read on to understand more about your situation and to know how to deal with it.

Before we introduce you the methods on how to deal with freckles, we need to know what freckles are first:

What are freckles?

Freckles are just pigment cells visible in the skin because freckles are pigments with colors. People having it are normally healthy; it is not a symptom of any illness. People with fair complexities and people having a blonde or red hair are people common to have freckles. Because having a fair complexion means that a person is having a less melanin in their skin.

How are freckles develop?

You can have freckles by genetics; if you are having a family of freckles, then it is surely running in your blood. Freckles can also develop through sun exposure, but it does not mean that the sun exposure reacts the same to people, because it also depends on the skin type the person has. Most people with fair complexion have a greater chance to have freckles in sun exposure, because these people have a lesser melanin, which makes the skin react differently than people who have a high melanin in their skin, and this could cause to have the visible pigments growing on your face.

Dealing with Freckles Emotionally

Many people do not want to have freckles or do not accept it because there are also people who you think will make fun of you and bully you for the freckles in your face. You do think that way because you did see you are different, that you are not living the norm of the society, what you have in mind is that it is not normal to have freckles, that you are not, that you want to conform to the majority to be accepted. Yes, that is a reality, we do have that in common (to conform), but good life does not work that way. Learn to accept the freckles you have; it is in your genes; it is a uniqueness that you could be proud of, when you come to different countries, there will be people who will compliment you for the freckles you have. Because yes, you are different and they do think that you are special. It all depends on how we see the social. And start changing it by changing the old perception you have.

Freckles are not bad, freckles are normal. It is not a signifier that you have an illness. People will embrace the uniqueness you have if you start to embrace it within yourself. People are people, the only thing that makes us different is how we see things and on how we deal with it.

However, if you want to get rid of them, here are ways that will help you get rid of them.

Sunscreen. Since freckles are triggered by sun exposure, putting on sunscreen helps. However, if you already have freckles, sunscreen won’t get rid of it but instead prevent new ones from developing. Sunscreen is not only worn when the sun is out. It should be worn during cloudy days, too. The sunscreen must have an SPF of 30 and above and must be applied at least 15 minutes before going outside. Apply the sunscreen product again every 2 hours or right away after excessive sweating or swimming.

Laser treatment. This method makes use of pulses of intense and focused light that are targeted on damaged areas of the skin. There are different types of laser treatments and based on a 2015 study, the effective laser type in treating freckles is the 1064 Q-Switched Nd YAG. Unlike the rumors that you’ve heard about laser treatments, they are safe, not to mention scarring rarely happens. However, expect some side effects to happen, which can include peeling, infection, crustiness, redness, swelling, itching, and changes in skin color.

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