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Management Tips For Warts

How to Deal with A Genital Wart?

A genital wart, affecting the genitals of our body is a great discomfort. But what is more discomforting is the embarrassment we feel when someone who we do not want to learn about this knows our health issue. Most of the time, we only want to talk about this with our doctor because of their sworn statement about confidentiality to the cases of their patients. But what are the ways to properly manage ourselves when having genital warts, especially when you’re a woman and still live a normal life?

First of all, we should think that genital wart is a curable disease. Although there are times when it comes back when the cause is not directly treated, most of the time it is cured. The latest state-of-the-art medical facilities and treatments are of great help in different sicknesses, complications and health disorders nowadays. The moment we feel discomfort in our private area such as itchiness and later on result to soft expansion or growth in our genitals, we should immediately seek the advice of health professional. Their knowledge and expertise will help us get over this issue as soon as possible.

Having a genital wart should not be an embarrassment to us because when we decide to keep it to ourselves, it might only get worse. We should not think first of the negative things that people will say about us when they learn that we have it. Who are they to judge, they do not know the story behind it? There are several reasons why an individual get genital wart like when the mother acquires the virus causing it during childbirth. The important thing is you want to get better and live a normal life.

When in the midst of this issue, one should remain calm and focus. She should not focus on negative things but rather on the right things to be done. A patient should not lose self-esteem because this can greatly affect her life, from her work, studies and other affairs. Sure that having a case like this can be frustrating, but one should have the proper mindset. You should not keep this as a secret to your family because they will surely understand you. They will never judge you. The love and support they give will be very helpful to you during this time.

The medication that your doctor will suggest should be strictly followed if you want to get better. As mention above, there are cases when genital wart returns when the primary cause is not taken care of. This will also mean changing your lifestyle as well as being active physically. Studies said that there are instances when genital warts can turn into cancer like in the vulva. This is a serious problem we don’t want to experience. The moment that your genital wart is healed, surely you don’t want to get it back that’s why you have to practice self-discipline. Maintain cleanliness in your body, especially in the private parts. Live a healthy life. Surely we have an idea in the first place where do we get this genital wart, and we should not do that again.

Possible Genital Warts Treatments

The only way for patients diagnosed with genital warts is to have them treated. However, the treatment method depends on the case whether it can be by topical treatment or physical ablation.
Majority of the topical treatments usually work better on the softer warts while the physical ablation works better on, the rougher and harder warts. However, both methods can also be used together to make it more effective.
Some people take several months to have their genital warts removed, which is why it is very important for patients in such cases to persevere. Patients are also advised to avoid soap that have strong scents with them, including lotions or bath bubbles while undergoing treatments since it can further irritate the skin.

Topical treatments. The common topical treatments prescribed by doctors are podophyllotoxin, used in treating smaller clusters of warts; imiquimod, used in treating larger warts; and trichloroacetic acid or TCA, which is recommended to treat the smaller, very hard warts.

Physical ablation. There are 4 main methods used with physical ablation, which is cryotherapy, wherein it involves freezing up the wart with liquid nitrogen; electrosurgery, a specialist kind of treatment that is often combined with excision; laser surgery, another specialist treatment used in treating larger genital warts and excision, wherein warts are manually cut away, usually on small yet hardened warts.

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