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How to Combat Drug Abuse?

Drug abuse can be considered as one of the major problems of our society nowadays. This issue is now strictly dealt with the government today as we see in televisions, heard on radio and read in the newspaper. Drug abuse is an illegal activity which further results to different heinous crimes like killing, stealing, or rape. The influence of the modern world somehow affects the people from doing this stuff. But there are ways to fight drug abuse and here are the following.
1. Be busy with productive activity – instead of huffing or puffing these drugs; one can dedicate himself to things that will help the society like doing community work or being involved in charity missions. Other ways are to be busy athletically like joining basketball leagues in your respective place. Aside from that you will be able to avoid drug abuse you will also be able to gain new friends while playing. You can also join in the activity of your church or be a member of an organization that fights against drug abuse.

2. Be aware of the effects of drug abuse- one should know in the first place that illegally using drugs will only harm your life. People should not use this way to deal with their problems or depressions. They might temporarily forget their burden, but the next day they will find out that the problem is still there and sometimes get worse. An individual should fear the negative effects of drug abuse on his body, as a person and the way he interacts with the community. He should realize that drug abuse will only cause different problems in the long run.

3. Do not be swayed easily to be involved in drug abuse – if we have friends that are involved in drug abuse; the tendency is that we will be influenced, but we should not let this happen. We should be firm in our stand that drug abuse is not good. Rather than being carried by these people, we are the ones who should help them change and be free from the claws of drug abuse. No matter what the situation is, we should never try it because the moment we do might be the start of our lives breaking apart.

4. Being under rehabilitation or treatment – this is for those who are already under drug abuse. This aims to change these guys for the better slowly. With the aid of health professionals and experts, as well as guidance counselors, a person under drug abuse can start a new beginning in his life. What is required in this part is the dedication and self-discipline of the patient to be a new individual. It’s like living the past behind and looking brightly into the future.

5. Deal effectively with peer pressure – one of the biggest factors that affect the youth today into substance abuse is because of peer pressure. Many of the young today do not want to be left out of the group, which is why they find themselves doing certain things that they don’t normally do. This is all for just fitting in. In cases like these, you have to find a group of friends that will not pressure you into engaging in substance abuse or you can find a way to say no to them. Teens, even adults, have to prepare a good reason or even plan in advance against such threats so that they can keep temptations at bay.

6. Dealing with pressures in life – it is not only with peer pressure but also with life’s pressures, too. When people get overwhelmed and overworked, so they think that they need a reward or a break. However, some people resort to taking drugs unknowingly. To prevent resorting to this as a means of reward, look for other ways to reward yourself. Create something that makes you enjoy what you do.

In general, we should remember, that there are several ways to combat drug abuse aside from those mentioned above. But all of this will have no positive effect if we don’t want to change ourselves. Change always starts in our minds and hearts until we make our step to give drug abuse no room in our lives.

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