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How to be Successful in Weight Control and Smoking Cessation

Controlling your weight requires great effort and changes in your lifestyle. It means letting go of things that make you comfortable and going through a painful process. But the important thing is at the end of the day, this result to several benefits in your body. It is said that when you stop smoking, you will somehow gain weight. Supposing this is true, there are a lot of ways to control your weight like exercising regularly and maintaining a diet. The important thing is that you decided to quit smoking.

Having too many snacks and drinking alcoholic beverages cause weight gain, also eating foods that are rich in fats and sugar provide calories in our body. Although cigarette smoking helps our body to burn those calories faster, the negative effects of it in our internal organs is more dangerous and also to the people around us.

Quitting smoking is one of the best steps in getting a better health. The nicotine we get from smoking only causes harm to our body and much worse is the fact that second-hand smoke greatly affects a large number of people especially those who are non-smokers. Stopping smoking is not that easy. It requires self-discipline and adjusting your lifestyle.

Weight control and smoking cessation may seem to contradict each other, but one can be successful in both ways when he/she decided to be active physically. An individual who chooses to stop smoking should not worry about gaining weight because there are a lot of ways to counter-act this. As mention above limiting snacks and drinking alcohol is very effective way to lose weight. Getting advice from professional experts regarding weight control will also be very helpful. They can suggest medication to help you stop smoking.

When one decided to undergo weight control and stop smoking, he/she should be devoted to it. A lot of temptations may come along our way. Daily exposure to the things that give us comfort and make us happy before should now be avoided. Some people use smoking to release their tensions or when they are feeling stress. They feel relieved when smoking. Same also goes when eating. People use this comfort food when they are encountering problems. It’s late when they notice that they balloon too much. That’s why as mention in the opening paragraph weight control and smoking cessation will be a painful process as you will deny yourself of these things.

In general, an individual will come out victorious in his/her struggle to control weight and stop smoking if he/she will focus on it. He/she should have a goal that can be daily, weekly or monthly depending on you. The important thing is that you strictly follow it. Support from relatives, friends and loved ones will also be very helpful. They can help you the moment you feel like giving up and returning to your old bad habits. We should think of the positive things we will achieve in the long run such as enjoying a life that is healthy and productive.

Here are some things that you have to expect when you start quitting smoking. Such knowledge is necessary for you to gain awareness whenever these signs kick in your system.

You feel hungry. Smokers that quit smoking will even feel hungrier and will eat more than what they consume. However, this feeling goes away a couple of weeks later.

More alcoholic drinks and snacks. Some reports state that some people that quit smoking eat more high sugar and high fats snacks and tend to drink more alcoholic drinks.

Burn calories at a normal rate. Each cigarette that you smoke makes the body burn calories faster than normal, but it is at a rate that is harmful to the heart. When you quite, you won’t be feeling this temporary effect. Instead, you will be burning at a rate slightly slower on a daily basis.

Avoiding Weight Gain

A lot of smokers are quite concerned about their weight, so they ask if they can control their weight gain after they quit. A healthy diet coupled with physical activity will help control your ideal weight. Added to that, if you are physically active, it will ease the withdrawal symptoms during the smoking cessation.

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