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How Can You Have A Tooth Decay?

Every single tooth in our teeth is important. Each enamel has its role when eating comes. A single space without a tooth will not look good when you smile; and not only that, it will also misalign your teeth. You should always care for your teeth, like brushing them three times a day.

Tooth decay occurs when teeth are dirty. This will be the start when bacteria come to life. It will be the beginning where germ will live and stay in your molars. Germs will damage your enamel. They will all destroy you it one by one. Germs will not stop destroying it until your dirt from your teeth is gone.

There are different reasons why tooth decay happens. Here are some of them:

An absence of saliva causes dry mouth. Saliva is helpful in washing away the dirt from your teeth. There is some ingredient found in saliva where they work to stop the bacteria from producing acid and can also help repair in early tooth decay.

In your younger years, your teeth were taken care of by your mom, but as you grew older, the foods that you ingested were seldom monitored by your parents. Some of us too, are using medicines that decrease saliva flow which can expose your teeth to bacteria.

Fillings that you use can weaken your teeth. This will harbor decaying because germs are present in the fillings. This can create rough edges and weaken your tooth. Some fillings are not fitted well which allows for germs to live underneath the fillings.

There is not enough fluoride on your teeth. Fluoride is present in your toothpaste and to some drinking water.

It is important to brush your teeth because your teeth will make you stronger if you toothbrush them. Use of mouthwash is also helpful because this will decrease creation of germs.

Heartburn can also cause tooth decay because digestive organs produce acid into the mouth which damage the enamel of your tooth. Your dentist usually recommends that you go for medical checkup because gastroesophageal reflux may be the cause of your tooth decay.

If you have an eating disorder like bulimia and anorexia, this will create decay to your teeth. Patients who have this illness will do an intent to vomit which makes the acid content of your stomach come out and will damage your teeth. The acid content will dissolve your enamel then it will result in tooth decay.

Your location of tooth decay can sometimes destroy other teeth located beside your damaged tooth. As a result of this, it is harder to clean with brushing because food particles are inserted between teeth.

There are foods too that stays on your teeth for a long time because saliva can’t just remove them away. Example of these foods is ice cream, soda, honey, sugar, cake, dried food, milk, hard candy, cookies, dry cereals, chips and breath mints.

If you are fond of chips, this will create cavities to your teeth. Sometimes you can’t control foods that you ingested when eating chips. Even if you just finished brushing, the favorite chips that you eat will infiltrate between teeth so bacteria will grow through this teeth.

Parents are fond of giving babies their bottle feeding before their bedtime. Bacteria will harbor production with this kind when milk stayed in the baby’s mouth.

It is important to prevent yourselves in factors that cause tooth decay. You should always watch out the food that you eat. Make sure that your dentist will check your teeth every six months to ensure that your teeth are always protected. Don’t forget to brush your teeth three times a day to make your teeth clean all the time.

If you get a tooth decay or two, here are the treatments available today:
The Early stage of tooth decay – when you feel that you have tooth decay, you should seek an appointment with your dentist. They will talk with you about the amount of sugar your diet has and the times that you eat. Mostly they apply the fluoride gel, paste or varnish to the affected area. Fluoride aids in protecting the teeth which are by strengthening its enamel, making the teeth more resistant against acids from the plaque that causes tooth decay.

The dentist may even tell you that you might need either a crown or filling. This involves removing the decay from affected teeth, apply a local anesthetic to the tooth to numb it. This is to prevent pain from filling up the hole.

If the tooth decay has already made its way to the pulp, which is the tooth’s center where the nerves and blood are contained, your dentist will tell you that it needs a root canal treatment. If the tooth is severely damaged that restoration is impossible, it needs to be removed. The dentist might suggest replacing it with a tooth that has a partial denture, implant or bridge.

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