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Jimmy Heuga is a former ski athlete who has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In spite of this, he does not lose hope and instead he builds a place where people who also suffer from multiple sclerosis, or even those who not can understand and know multiple sclerosis even well can come.

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Is it important to practice a healthy diet?

The saying “You are what you eat!” is a truism that applies to everybody. It is very much true that what you eat can affect your health in multiple different ways. The kind of food that you eat could not only influence your physical health but your mental wellbeing too.

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Multiple Sclerosis

Do you or any of your friends and loved ones suffer from multiple sclerosis? And do you have any idea on what multiple sclerosis disease is? To start with, multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects the nerves of a certain person. It is also a type of disease that is autoimmune which means that the body of the person starts attacking its own cells. You should also have the ideas on what are the important facts that you need to know about multiple sclerosis so that you will know it better and to become more familiarize with this. If you want to know what are these important facts are, you can read the list below to help you.

Here is the list of the important facts that you need to know about multiple sclerosis.

  1. Multiple Sclerosis Is a Chronic Condition

You should know that being a chronic condition it means that it is a life – long disease and incurable. That being said, you should still not lose hope because there are many people who suffer from this disease proved that there is a low risk that it will end up on death. You should also know that even multiple sclerosis is a chronic condition; most of the symptoms and signs are can be controlled and managed through medications.

  1. The Signs and Symptoms Might Vary

Multiple sclerosis has a long list of possible signs and symptoms such as problems on vision, inability to move and balance, numbness or tingling sensations, garble speech and so much more. You should know that this disease or condition is unpredictable because most of the people who suffer this have experienced different and varied signs and symptoms. With this, you have to be alert and observant on the things that you are feeling because you will never know if you will develop this serious condition.

  1. Multiple Sclerosis Has Cognitive Side Effects

You also need to know that multiple sclerosis can also greatly affect your brain nerves which results to cognitive side effects. Some of these cognitive side effects are inability to focus on things, deteriorating mental and thinking skills, problems on memory, and a lot more. Since that multiple sclerosis affects your brain, you can also developed mental problems which include stress, depression, anger and frustration. You should know that these are just some normal reactions that can be managed by professional doctors.

  1. Multiple Sclerosis Is Called As the Silent Disease

Some doctors and people who suffer this condition called multiple sclerosis as the silent disease. It is labeled as the silent disease because you will never know if you have already developed this serious disease. It is also because some of its signs and symptoms are common and nothing to worry about. Some people who suffer this also take a long time before they discovered that they have multiple sclerosis because they seem to be fine at all.  And also, even undergoing into remissions, multiple sclerosis is still progressing. And by knowing this, it is better to make regular consultations to the doctor so that it will be diagnosed early.

As what stated above, you now have the ideas on what are the important facts that you need to know about multiple sclerosis. And by knowing these important facts, you are now more knowledgeable and familiarize on this serious condition. You can also share these ideas and information to your friends so that they become aware on multiple sclerosis. If you want to know more about multiple sclerosis, you can visit a professional doctor whose specialize on this kind of disease.

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How Can You Have A Tooth Decay?

Posted on November 18, 2017
Category: Tooth Decay

Every single tooth in our teeth is important. Each enamel has its role when eating comes. A single space without a tooth will not look good when you smile; and not only that, it will also misalign your teeth. You should always care for your teeth, like brushing them three times a day.

Tooth decay occurs when teeth are dirty. This will be the start when bacteria come to life. It will be the beginning where germ will live and stay in your molars. Germs will damage your enamel. They will all destroy you it one by one. Germs will not stop destroying it until your dirt from your teeth is gone.

There are different reasons why tooth decay happens. Here are some of them:

An absence of saliva causes dry mouth. Saliva is helpful in washing away the dirt from your teeth. There is some ingredient found in saliva where they work to stop the bacteria from producing acid and can also help repair in early tooth decay.

In your younger years, your teeth were taken care of by your mom, but as you grew older, the foods that you ingested were seldom monitored by your parents. Some of us too, are using medicines that decrease saliva flow which can expose your teeth to bacteria.

Fillings that you use can weaken your teeth. This will harbor decaying because germs are present in the fillings. This can create rough edges and weaken your tooth. Some fillings are not fitted well which allows for germs to live underneath the fillings.

There is not enough fluoride on your teeth. Fluoride is present in your toothpaste and to some drinking water.

It is important to brush your teeth because your teeth will make you stronger if you toothbrush them. Use of mouthwash is also helpful because this will decrease creation of germs.

Heartburn can also cause tooth decay because digestive organs produce acid into the mouth which damage the enamel of your tooth. Your dentist usually recommends that you go for medical checkup because gastroesophageal reflux may be the cause of your tooth decay.

If you have an eating disorder like bulimia and anorexia, this will create decay to your teeth. Patients who have this illness will do an intent to vomit which makes the acid content of your stomach come out and will damage your teeth. The acid content will dissolve your enamel then it will result in tooth decay.

Your location of tooth decay can sometimes destroy other teeth located beside your damaged tooth. As a result of this, it is harder to clean with brushing because food particles are inserted between teeth.

There are foods too that stays on your teeth for a long time because saliva can’t just remove them away. Example of these foods is ice cream, soda, honey, sugar, cake, dried food, milk, hard candy, cookies, dry cereals, chips and breath mints.

If you are fond of chips, this will create cavities to your teeth. Sometimes you can’t control foods that you ingested when eating chips. Even if you just finished brushing, the favorite chips that you eat will infiltrate between teeth so bacteria will grow through this teeth.

Parents are fond of giving babies their bottle feeding before their bedtime. Bacteria will harbor production with this kind when milk stayed in the baby’s mouth.

It is important to prevent yourselves in factors that cause tooth decay. You should always watch out the food that you eat. Make sure that your dentist will check your teeth every six months to ensure that your teeth are always protected. Don’t forget to brush your teeth three times a day to make your teeth clean all the time.

If you get a tooth decay or two, here are the treatments available today:
The Early stage of tooth decay – when you feel that you have tooth decay, you should seek an appointment with your dentist. They will talk with you about the amount of sugar your diet has and the times that you eat. Mostly they apply the fluoride gel, paste or varnish to the affected area. Fluoride aids in protecting the teeth which are by strengthening its enamel, making the teeth more resistant against acids from the plaque that causes tooth decay.

The dentist may even tell you that you might need either a crown or filling. This involves removing the decay from affected teeth, apply a local anesthetic to the tooth to numb it. This is to prevent pain from filling up the hole.

If the tooth decay has already made its way to the pulp, which is the tooth’s center where the nerves and blood are contained, your dentist will tell you that it needs a root canal treatment. If the tooth is severely damaged that restoration is impossible, it needs to be removed. The dentist might suggest replacing it with a tooth that has a partial denture, implant or bridge.

Management tips for warts

How to Deal with A Genital Wart?

Posted on November 17, 2017
Category: Genital Wart

A genital wart, affecting the genitals of our body is a great discomfort. But what is more discomforting is the embarrassment we feel when someone who we do not want to learn about this knows our health issue. Most of the time, we only want to talk about this with our doctor because of their sworn statement about confidentiality to the cases of their patients. But what are the ways to properly manage ourselves when having genital warts, especially when you’re a woman and still live a normal life?

First of all, we should think that genital wart is a curable disease. Although there are times when it comes back when the cause is not directly treated, most of the time it is cured. The latest state-of-the-art medical facilities and treatments are of great help in different sicknesses, complications and health disorders nowadays. The moment we feel discomfort in our private area such as itchiness and later on result to soft expansion or growth in our genitals, we should immediately seek the advice of health professional. Their knowledge and expertise will help us get over this issue as soon as possible.

Having a genital wart should not be an embarrassment to us because when we decide to keep it to ourselves, it might only get worse. We should not think first of the negative things that people will say about us when they learn that we have it. Who are they to judge, they do not know the story behind it? There are several reasons why an individual get genital wart like when the mother acquires the virus causing it during childbirth. The important thing is you want to get better and live a normal life.

When in the midst of this issue, one should remain calm and focus. She should not focus on negative things but rather on the right things to be done. A patient should not lose self-esteem because this can greatly affect her life, from her work, studies and other affairs. Sure that having a case like this can be frustrating, but one should have the proper mindset. You should not keep this as a secret to your family because they will surely understand you. They will never judge you. The love and support they give will be very helpful to you during this time.

The medication that your doctor will suggest should be strictly followed if you want to get better. As mention above, there are cases when genital wart returns when the primary cause is not taken care of. This will also mean changing your lifestyle as well as being active physically. Studies said that there are instances when genital warts can turn into cancer like in the vulva. This is a serious problem we don’t want to experience. The moment that your genital wart is healed, surely you don’t want to get it back that’s why you have to practice self-discipline. Maintain cleanliness in your body, especially in the private parts. Live a healthy life. Surely we have an idea in the first place where do we get this genital wart, and we should not do that again.

Possible Genital Warts Treatments

The only way for patients diagnosed with genital warts is to have them treated. However, the treatment method depends on the case whether it can be by topical treatment or physical ablation.
Majority of the topical treatments usually work better on the softer warts while the physical ablation works better on, the rougher and harder warts. However, both methods can also be used together to make it more effective.
Some people take several months to have their genital warts removed, which is why it is very important for patients in such cases to persevere. Patients are also advised to avoid soap that have strong scents with them, including lotions or bath bubbles while undergoing treatments since it can further irritate the skin.

Topical treatments. The common topical treatments prescribed by doctors are podophyllotoxin, used in treating smaller clusters of warts; imiquimod, used in treating larger warts; and trichloroacetic acid or TCA, which is recommended to treat the smaller, very hard warts.

Physical ablation. There are 4 main methods used with physical ablation, which is cryotherapy, wherein it involves freezing up the wart with liquid nitrogen; electrosurgery, a specialist kind of treatment that is often combined with excision; laser surgery, another specialist treatment used in treating larger genital warts and excision, wherein warts are manually cut away, usually on small yet hardened warts.

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How To Deal With Asthma

Posted on November 16, 2017
Category: Asthma

Are you having trouble with your asthma? Is asthma a hindrance to your daily living? Are you having a hard time with your condition? Are you depressed because of your situation? Or you are just a concerned parent who wants to help his/ her child to deal with asthma, and to make his/ her child have a faster recovery? Then this article is for you.

What Is Asthma And How Serious Is It?

Asthma is a form of lung disease, wherein, people who have it may experience serious symptoms, like severe coughing and shortness of breath. It is a long-term disease, and all ages could have this. But mostly it starts when you are still young. Having asthma makes your airway inflamed, this could make your the airways swell, making you hard to breathe. Asthma is somehow unpredictable, it can be mild, and it can be grave. Depending on how you are treating yourself, are you making it go away? Or you are just making it worse. It is better to have a doctor that could monitor your progress in healing.

How Could I Deal With My Asthma?

Every person who suffers asthma has a different life to live; there will be many restrictions, many limitations of things to do; things you love to do, but you just cannot do it because your parents would not allow you. Parents want only the best for their children, and safety is what they are prioritizing; your safety. So how would you deal with it? You just want to have a normal life like others; you just want to play and to run and play. But the children you see are not like you who suffers from asthma. The only thing you can do to deal with it, to accept the fact that there are things that you cannot do at this moment. You should be positive and responsive so that the results will not disappoint you.

How To Heal My Asthma?

You can heal it by having a healthy living, like eating the right foods to sustain your body with vitamins and doing basic exercise would work, if you would just practice doing it and make it a habit, then you would be better. Also, inducing your medicine on time and never misses it should never be forgotten.

In certain cases, it can be difficult to heal a person from asthma completely, but there are ways to manage it.
One of these solutions is by identifying the triggers and lessening them. The triggers are usually allergen, which can also cause flu as well. A lot of asthmatic people are allergic to the droppings left by cockroaches and their remains. To avoid their presence, keep the garbage and food in closed containers. Use traps or bait to take out the cockroaches. If you have spray products that are designed to kill them, avoid the room where you are going to use the spray until you no longer smell the odor.

Talking about odors, there are very strong odors that can trigger asthma and allergies, too. Avoid, if possible, the use of stove that makes use of burning wood. You should also avoid the fireplace and those that make use of kerosene, too. Try to avoid perfumes, paints, talcum powders and hair sprays, too. If your family members can cooperate, tell them to lessen their use of perfumes.

Some triggers come from food, too, particularly the ones that have the preservative sulfite. If you are getting flare-ups, observe the food and drinks you are consuming.

Asthma is a serious disease, whether you have it mild and not that grave, you can also have it worse. If you are the patient, you should have regular check-ups with your doctor, and if you are the parent or guardian of the person suffering this disease, you should monitor the status of your child or children, because it can always be too late if you just let things be and do nothing. Prevention is always the best type of healing.

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Controlling your weight requires great effort and changes in your lifestyle. It means letting go of things that make you comfortable and going through a painful process. But the important thing is at the end of the day, this result to several benefits in your body. It is said that when you stop smoking, you will somehow gain weight. Supposing this is true, there are a lot of ways to control your weight like exercising regularly and maintaining a diet. The important thing is that you decided to quit smoking.

Having too many snacks and drinking alcoholic beverages cause weight gain, also eating foods that are rich in fats and sugar provide calories in our body. Although cigarette smoking helps our body to burn those calories faster, the negative effects of it in our internal organs is more dangerous and also to the people around us.

Quitting smoking is one of the best steps in getting a better health. The nicotine we get from smoking only causes harm to our body and much worse is the fact that second-hand smoke greatly affects a large number of people especially those who are non-smokers. Stopping smoking is not that easy. It requires self-discipline and adjusting your lifestyle.

Weight control and smoking cessation may seem to contradict each other, but one can be successful in both ways when he/she decided to be active physically. An individual who chooses to stop smoking should not worry about gaining weight because there are a lot of ways to counter-act this. As mention above limiting snacks and drinking alcohol is very effective way to lose weight. Getting advice from professional experts regarding weight control will also be very helpful. They can suggest medication to help you stop smoking.

When one decided to undergo weight control and stop smoking, he/she should be devoted to it. A lot of temptations may come along our way. Daily exposure to the things that give us comfort and make us happy before should now be avoided. Some people use smoking to release their tensions or when they are feeling stress. They feel relieved when smoking. Same also goes when eating. People use this comfort food when they are encountering problems. It’s late when they notice that they balloon too much. That’s why as mention in the opening paragraph weight control and smoking cessation will be a painful process as you will deny yourself of these things.

In general, an individual will come out victorious in his/her struggle to control weight and stop smoking if he/she will focus on it. He/she should have a goal that can be daily, weekly or monthly depending on you. The important thing is that you strictly follow it. Support from relatives, friends and loved ones will also be very helpful. They can help you the moment you feel like giving up and returning to your old bad habits. We should think of the positive things we will achieve in the long run such as enjoying a life that is healthy and productive.

Here are some things that you have to expect when you start quitting smoking. Such knowledge is necessary for you to gain awareness whenever these signs kick in your system.

You feel hungry. Smokers that quit smoking will even feel hungrier and will eat more than what they consume. However, this feeling goes away a couple of weeks later.

More alcoholic drinks and snacks. Some reports state that some people that quit smoking eat more high sugar and high fats snacks and tend to drink more alcoholic drinks.

Burn calories at a normal rate. Each cigarette that you smoke makes the body burn calories faster than normal, but it is at a rate that is harmful to the heart. When you quite, you won’t be feeling this temporary effect. Instead, you will be burning at a rate slightly slower on a daily basis.

Avoiding Weight Gain

A lot of smokers are quite concerned about their weight, so they ask if they can control their weight gain after they quit. A healthy diet coupled with physical activity will help control your ideal weight. Added to that, if you are physically active, it will ease the withdrawal symptoms during the smoking cessation.


How to Deal With Menopause

Posted on November 14, 2017
Category: Menopause

Menopause is a normal biological course that women experience. This means the end of the menstrual phase which can happen in ages around the 40s to 50s. Menopause signifies the end of fertility. There are different physical indications as well as emotional signs being associated with menopause. This can be frustrating at sometimes, but one can keep on living healthy and fully invigorated amidst menopause.

Having difficulty in sleeping is one of the common symptoms of menopause. If this is not properly handled well, it can result in other abnormalities and disorders since having enough sleep is very much needed by our body. In cases like this, one should seek the advice of health professionals. They can suggest methods and other therapy so that menopause will not negatively affect your sleep. Menopause can also result in a decline in our energy, making us feel like we are always weak and have no desire to do the things we normally do.

Menopause also brings the sense of loss or sadness in the part of some women in a sense that they can no longer bear a child and the feeling that one of the essences of being a woman is gone. In cases like this, the love and support of the people around them are very important to help them carry on. But in other cases, some women become comforted because they should not worry about being pregnant. Whatever the case may be menopause should not have a negative impact on the lives of these women.

When experiencing the several physical and emotional issues being associated with menopause, one should not think twice about asking for advice of health professionals. The high levels of technology and latest state-of-the-art medical facilities provide different treatment and therapy on how to deal with menopause. Women should not be shy when they are at this stage because this is only a natural process.

Other from medical treatments, other suggest ways like changes in lifestyle. If what you are always doing cause you depression amidst menopause, you should change something in your life from the food you eat, your exercise habit and the way you deal with people around you. Menopause is a change you encounter in your life which further result in different changes emotionally and physically. Being able to adapt from it saves you from several unnecessary issues that can negatively affect your life. We should not let ourselves to be sad or having the feeling of being always weak.

Having the courage to continue your life normally is something that every woman in the menopausal stage should possess. This should not lessen them but rather marks the new beginning in their lives. Being healthy, vibrant and sexually fit should always be maintained whatever part of our lives we are. Menopause should not serve as a wall that blocks us from doing the things we do, but rather this should serve as a bridge for us to go even further.

When does menopause happen?

When you reach your late 30s, the egg supply of your ovaries starts to decline in quality and number. This results in changes in hormone production. You will start to notice short cycles with your menstruation and find some PMS or premenstrual syndrome symptoms that you never experienced before.

Your periods will eventually become irregular. This can start in your late 30s or at late 50s. This continues for at least two years or 8 years or more up until the menstrual cycles end.

During these times, the ovaries are often producing too much progesterone and estrogen. At times it can be little, too. The progesterone production is highly likely fluctuating more than normal. This usually leads to heavy menstrual bleeding.
Around six months up to one year before your menstrual period stops, the estrogen begins to drop. When it reaches a certain point, the menstrual cycle stops as well. After one year without menstrual periods, that would be the time you are confirmed to have reached menopausee.

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How to Treat A Migraine

Posted on November 13, 2017
Category: Migraine

Are you having migraines and just want to have it off in your head? Are you a stressed person and just want to prevent migraines? Or you are just a geeky individual who wants to know more about the life-changing techniques of treating migraines? If you are then this article is what you are looking.

Before we give you techniques on how to treat migraines and prevent it, you should know what a migraine is all about and how did you get it.

What Is Migraine?

A migraine is experiencing headache, a very upsetting headache. It has lots of symptoms, people having a migraine might also experience disturbed vision, feeling nauseous, sick and more.

What Are The Causes Of Migraine?

It is hard to see the main cause of having a migraine, but it can be for some reasons like, it runs in your blood, an inheritance to your bloodline, or it is already encrypted in your DNA that you will be having migraines, or the environment you are in could be one of the cause why you are having a painful headache, are you having a stressful environment? If you have a stressful environment, then having a migraine is high in possibility, probably from too much thinking and worrying, that could cause an imbalance of the chemicals running in your brain.

How To Treat Migraine And How To Prevent It?

If you want to treat your migraine in an instant way, then, inducing a medicine might be the best way you could have. But how do you prevent migraines from striking? I mean you might have that in your DNA, but when you are not provoking it, you can stop that pain from introducing itself. There are many ways to prevent it, but following these ways could require a change in your lifestyle. One of it is sleep, if you want to be migraine free, you should have enough sleep or rest, because stressing your eyes and making your brain activity capacitating in high could also be the reason why you will have a headache. So if you are not sleeping well, change that, sleep at least eight hours a day. Eating at the right time and at the right place could also help you in preventing to have migraines, because skipping meals could affect your thinking, that is why there is this saying “You are not you when you are hungry” because it greatly affects the functioning of your brain, so to prevent migraines, you need to eat regularly.

Patients are only considered having migraines when the doctor says so. Most of the time, doctors recommend more tests to rule out other causes of a headache, especially when the condition is complex, unusual or that it turns severe.

  • Blood tests – these are only done at the request of your doctor to see whether there are any problems with your blood vessels, infections in the brain or the spinal cord, including toxins present in your system.
  • MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) – this is a test wherein it uses strong radio waves and magnetic field in producing detailed images of the blood vessels and the brain itself. The MRI scans aid the doctors in coming up with a diagnosis, looking for strokes, tumors, infections, bleeding within the brain and any other conditions associated with the brain and the nervous system.
  • CT scam – short term for computerized tomography, this test makes use of a X-rays that make detailed images of the brain, although not as detailed as the MRI. Most of the time this is the first lab test that doctors request before going for an MRI, although it depends on the symptoms and signs that the patient is going through.

Migraines or painful headaches are common to all people, but having frequent headaches or long-term headaches seems like unhealthy to have for an individual. Also, It is best to have some care about your mental health because it is not just your physical health working. In fact, your brain does not sleep, it still functions when you are asleep, so do not stress out your brain and or exhaust it because we only have one.


How to Combat Drug Abuse?

Posted on November 12, 2017
Category: Drug Abuse

Drug abuse can be considered as one of the major problems of our society nowadays. This issue is now strictly dealt with the government today as we see in televisions, heard on radio and read in the newspaper. Drug abuse is an illegal activity which further results to different heinous crimes like killing, stealing, or rape. The influence of the modern world somehow affects the people from doing this stuff. But there are ways to fight drug abuse and here are the following.
1. Be busy with productive activity – instead of huffing or puffing these drugs; one can dedicate himself to things that will help the society like doing community work or being involved in charity missions. Other ways are to be busy athletically like joining basketball leagues in your respective place. Aside from that you will be able to avoid drug abuse you will also be able to gain new friends while playing. You can also join in the activity of your church or be a member of an organization that fights against drug abuse.

2. Be aware of the effects of drug abuse- one should know in the first place that illegally using drugs will only harm your life. People should not use this way to deal with their problems or depressions. They might temporarily forget their burden, but the next day they will find out that the problem is still there and sometimes get worse. An individual should fear the negative effects of drug abuse on his body, as a person and the way he interacts with the community. He should realize that drug abuse will only cause different problems in the long run.

3. Do not be swayed easily to be involved in drug abuse – if we have friends that are involved in drug abuse; the tendency is that we will be influenced, but we should not let this happen. We should be firm in our stand that drug abuse is not good. Rather than being carried by these people, we are the ones who should help them change and be free from the claws of drug abuse. No matter what the situation is, we should never try it because the moment we do might be the start of our lives breaking apart.

4. Being under rehabilitation or treatment – this is for those who are already under drug abuse. This aims to change these guys for the better slowly. With the aid of health professionals and experts, as well as guidance counselors, a person under drug abuse can start a new beginning in his life. What is required in this part is the dedication and self-discipline of the patient to be a new individual. It’s like living the past behind and looking brightly into the future.

5. Deal effectively with peer pressure – one of the biggest factors that affect the youth today into substance abuse is because of peer pressure. Many of the young today do not want to be left out of the group, which is why they find themselves doing certain things that they don’t normally do. This is all for just fitting in. In cases like these, you have to find a group of friends that will not pressure you into engaging in substance abuse or you can find a way to say no to them. Teens, even adults, have to prepare a good reason or even plan in advance against such threats so that they can keep temptations at bay.

6. Dealing with pressures in life – it is not only with peer pressure but also with life’s pressures, too. When people get overwhelmed and overworked, so they think that they need a reward or a break. However, some people resort to taking drugs unknowingly. To prevent resorting to this as a means of reward, look for other ways to reward yourself. Create something that makes you enjoy what you do.

In general, we should remember, that there are several ways to combat drug abuse aside from those mentioned above. But all of this will have no positive effect if we don’t want to change ourselves. Change always starts in our minds and hearts until we make our step to give drug abuse no room in our lives.

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Pregnancy – A Gift and Great Responsibility

Posted on November 10, 2017
Category: Pregnancy

Giving birth should not be considered as ultimate fear but rather an ultimate achievement of a woman. Pregnancy is the period on which an offspring or maybe two or more grow in the uterus of a woman. Pregnancy maybe the result of sexual contact or in our time now can be aided by technology like artificial insemination. When one is in the stage of pregnancy, the woman should be ready physically, mentally, emotionally and also financially. The following will helps a pregnant woman on how to deal responsibly with their pregnancy.

Being physically fit is very important to a pregnant woman because this greatly affects childbirth and the condition of the baby. Eating nutritious foods and getting rid of harmful elements like second-hand smoke is something to be given utmost importance. Some ailments or sicknesses can be trigger during pregnancy. In cases like these, one should immediately consult an OB gynecologist on the right thing to do. A healthy mom will also mean a healthy baby.

When it comes to mental condition, a pregnant woman should be free from stress and too much thinking. Different problems whether in the workplace or in the household that causes depression should be minimized if not completely eradicated. Peace of mind affects the development of the baby inside the uterus. An always troublesome state of mind affects an individual physically and also emotionally. That’s why while pregnant it is strictly advised to get away from negative things and focus on the brighter side of everything.

Next, is being emotionally fit. A woman who is in a pregnancy period can sometimes experience mood swings and emotional unstableness. In times like this, the support of loved ones and friends are very important. Having them on your side means that there are always to rely on and release your tensions, fears and other problems too. A pregnant woman should always be happy so that the development of the baby will run smoothly and no pregnancy-related issues will be encountered along the way.

And of course, a couple who decides to get pregnant or even if you are a single mom should be financially ready. During pregnancy, a woman could not just eat anything she used to eat before without thinking of her baby. Regular checkup with the obstetrician should be conducted, and this always means that you have to pay for their professional fee. Being financially stable is very important also when childbirth comes, and you will start to raise the baby in the outside world.

The parent should make sure that all the necessary vitamins are given to the baby to ensure that he/she will grow healthy. So if you know in yourself that you are not ready in this aspect, you should not think of being pregnant.

To sum it up, pregnancy is very important and should not be taken for granted especially in the cases of unwanted pregnancy. Responsible motherhood or parenthood plays a vital role in the development of each baby. We should remember that life already exists that requires care, attention and love.

If you want a summary of what a healthy pregnant woman should be, here’s a list:

  • Seek your midwife or doctor as soon as you can – this is when you find out that you are pregnant. Make an appointment with your midwife or GP as they will organize a perfect care plan for you to get one amazing healthy pregnancy.
  • Eat well – unlike the average person’s balanced diet, a pregnant woman’s needs are different when it comes to balanced diet. Your meals must contain a variety of the following:
    • Starchy foods such as rice, pasta, and bread. These are carbohydrates, and it must make up a third of what you eat. Go for whole grains instead of white, so that your body gets plenty of fiber.
    • At least five portions of veggies and fruits each day. They can either be fresh, canned, dried or frozen.
    • Dairy foods such as yogurt, cheese, and milk
    • Daily servings of food rich in protein such as eggs, beans, lean meat, pulses, nuts or fish.
  • Careful with food hygiene – pregnant women should be extra wary with food hygiene as well. This means that utensils must be washed thoroughly, including your hands whenever handling meat. Store the raw foods separately from the ready-to-eat ones.
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How To Deal With Freckles

Posted on November 9, 2017
Category: Freckles

Do you have freckles? Do you think freckles are a hindrance for you to be popular in school? Do you think freckles are problems? Or you are just a kid who does think that freckles are a disaster? Then this article is best for you to read on to understand more about your situation and to know how to deal with it.

Before we introduce you the methods on how to deal with freckles, we need to know what freckles are first:

What are freckles?

Freckles are just pigment cells visible in the skin because freckles are pigments with colors. People having it are normally healthy; it is not a symptom of any illness. People with fair complexities and people having a blonde or red hair are people common to have freckles. Because having a fair complexion means that a person is having a less melanin in their skin.

How are freckles develop?

You can have freckles by genetics; if you are having a family of freckles, then it is surely running in your blood. Freckles can also develop through sun exposure, but it does not mean that the sun exposure reacts the same to people, because it also depends on the skin type the person has. Most people with fair complexion have a greater chance to have freckles in sun exposure, because these people have a lesser melanin, which makes the skin react differently than people who have a high melanin in their skin, and this could cause to have the visible pigments growing on your face.

Dealing with Freckles Emotionally

Many people do not want to have freckles or do not accept it because there are also people who you think will make fun of you and bully you for the freckles in your face. You do think that way because you did see you are different, that you are not living the norm of the society, what you have in mind is that it is not normal to have freckles, that you are not, that you want to conform to the majority to be accepted. Yes, that is a reality, we do have that in common (to conform), but good life does not work that way. Learn to accept the freckles you have; it is in your genes; it is a uniqueness that you could be proud of, when you come to different countries, there will be people who will compliment you for the freckles you have. Because yes, you are different and they do think that you are special. It all depends on how we see the social. And start changing it by changing the old perception you have.

Freckles are not bad, freckles are normal. It is not a signifier that you have an illness. People will embrace the uniqueness you have if you start to embrace it within yourself. People are people, the only thing that makes us different is how we see things and on how we deal with it.

However, if you want to get rid of them, here are ways that will help you get rid of them.

Sunscreen. Since freckles are triggered by sun exposure, putting on sunscreen helps. However, if you already have freckles, sunscreen won’t get rid of it but instead prevent new ones from developing. Sunscreen is not only worn when the sun is out. It should be worn during cloudy days, too. The sunscreen must have an SPF of 30 and above and must be applied at least 15 minutes before going outside. Apply the sunscreen product again every 2 hours or right away after excessive sweating or swimming.

Laser treatment. This method makes use of pulses of intense and focused light that are targeted on damaged areas of the skin. There are different types of laser treatments and based on a 2015 study, the effective laser type in treating freckles is the 1064 Q-Switched Nd YAG. Unlike the rumors that you’ve heard about laser treatments, they are safe, not to mention scarring rarely happens. However, expect some side effects to happen, which can include peeling, infection, crustiness, redness, swelling, itching, and changes in skin color.


Interest towards alternative and complementary medical practices has significantly increased in recent years. Instead of heading straight to the conventional and mainstream route when treating medical conditions and illnesses, more and more people are taking a detour and finding ways to alleviate their condition through non-mainstream means.

There are some reasons that compel people to do so. From costs to more choices to more effective ways to alleviate the symptoms that they have been feeling, these are just a few of the many things that people see as a benefit towards going the non-conventional route.

For feeling better

Some people that use complementary therapies do so because it allows them to feel better. Many conventional treatments can sometimes cause some adverse effects to a person as he goes through the whole nine yards. This is true for chemotherapy. People who are going through one may be able to take advantage of an alternative treatment to alleviate the effects of chemotherapy and feel calmer, more relaxed, and less prone to pain in the process.

For reducing side effects or symptoms

Certain alternative procedures can help control the symptoms of such illnesses like cancer and even address its side effects. For instance, there are psychotherapy drugs that may cause sickness to some people and acupuncture can be a good way to relieve that. Many people are also going for the same treatment as a way to alleviate pain as a result of undergoing surgery.

For the more control

Most of the time in conventional medical settings, people always have to take a passive role in decisions about their illnesses and their conditions. In an alternative medical setting, patients are given a more active role when it comes to making decisions about their health. People like that. They want to have to say what they want to do and what they o not want to do. They want to be heard, and that is exactly what alternative medical practice offers.

Popular Alternative Medicine

One of the most popular alternative medicines is acupressure, which is gaining recognition in Western medicine because of its effectiveness. Acupressure is similar to acupuncture, but the former doesn’t use any needles. The practitioners instead use their hands, feet or elbows and apply pressure on specific points along the “meridians” of the body. Based on the theory about acupressure, the meridians are channels that transport the life energy to the whole body. The reason is that some of the meridian points are either out of balance or blocked. The use of acupressure is believed to open up the blockages so that the energy gets to flow freely again, thus restoring wellness. More studies are needed to provide information regarding this alternative medicine, but several pilot studies have shown positive results. One of them is that it can lessen nausea for patients undergoing chemotherapy and also reduces anxiety among people that are scheduled to go through surgery.

If you do decide to take this route, it is important that you ensure there is full disclosure to your medical practitioner. You will want to seek out his advice first about your plan and know ahead of time about possible risks that you may run into by employing this alternative treatment procedure. This makes it easier for you to get a clearer picture of how things are going to unfold and to ensure that you are not exposing yourself to unnecessary risks as a result.

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